About Us

Based upon our many years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have experienced an increasing demand for solutions, services and products targeting market-specific needs, including flexibility. This is our field of expertise!


Kim Simonsen

Mobile: +45 6065 1539
Tel: +45 7023 9799



Martin Wedersøe

Mobile: +45 6073 4547
Tel: +45 7023 9799



Christian Sperling Johansen

Tel: +47 474 88 929


We strive to become our costumers preferred partner, whether you are a supplier, consulting or service partner for innovative and cost-efficient solutions within the Hospitality and healthcare industry, we are here to assist you.

Our strategy is to offer and provide innovative solutions and products that are cost-efficient and will increase revenue. Products that will be of great value to hotels as well as their guests.

We are able to provide consulting services in connection with:

  • Planning a new facility, upgrading an existing solution
  • Replacing old equipment with new
  • Updating systems and solutions

All things that will increase the standard of your hotel and make sure that the guest’s high expatiations are met and ensure them an unforgettable and comfortable stay.

Kontakt os på tlf. 70 23 97 99 eller skriv på info@hospitality-partner.com hvis du ønsker at vide mere om vores produkter og services.