Hospitality Partner has many good suppliers that go a long way in order for us to succeed and one of them has been outstanding during the year.

Our way of saying thank you, and show our appreciation is our “Best Friend Reward” which we want to give to a supplier once a year, as a token of our appreciation for our cooperation and growing our business.

At this year’s Hospitality Partner Kick-off in Nice, CAHM Europe, our amenities supplier, were named with our “Hospitality Parnter’s Best Friend for 2019”. CAHM Europe has been incredibly committed, flexible, proactive and always solution-oriented for Hospitality Partner to achieve our goal.

Congratulations with this award and a special thanks to Catalin Barbu, Iulia Buzila-Stancu & Andrei Severin  for making it happen!



Our mission:

We strive to become our costumers preferred partner, whether you are a supplier, consulting or service partner for innovative and cost-efficient solutions within the Hospitality and healthcare industry, we are here to assist you.

Our strategy is to offer and provide innovative solutions and products that are cost-efficient and will increase revenue. Products that will be of great value to hotels as well as their guests.

Why us:

We are able to provide consulting services as follows:

  • Planning a new facility, upgrading an existing solution
  • Replacing old equipment with new
  • Updating systems and solutions
  • Sustainable amenities
  • In-room products

All things that will increase the standard of your hotel and make sure that the guest’s high expatiations are met and ensure them an unforgettable and comfortable stay.

Learn more about us here