Hotel TV

We supply various professional ”Hotel TV” brands that integrates into any infrastructure or environment, being either a “stand alone”, IP/SMART TV or streaming from your own content to the TV set.


Your benefit is with “HOTEl TV”

  • Low power & energy consumption
  • ”Lock”menu that keeps the guests from changing the channel list, volume limitation etc.
  • Quick installation and changes with USB cloning – save time and money on single installation on each TV set.
  • Centralized installation and info with Philips Smartinstall, or Lync/sinc from Samsung
  • Increase your revenue by promoting your services to guest with the integrated “HOTEL INFO” that gives the guests unique and pleasant stay at your Hotel

SmartInstall & SmartInfo

A powerful combination Promote your in-house services to your guests with customizable hotel information pages.

SmartInstall makes it possible to preconfigure TV settings and upgrade TVs from a single remote location. SmartInfo allows you to share information, emphasise your brand and promote services like your restaurants or spa to generate additional revenue – without the need for a separate system.

A wide range of possibilities



Share relevant info and brand your company

SmartInfo lets you totally customize hotel information for your guests. Inform your guest and generate additional revue by promoting your hotel brand & services.



Effortless remote installation and maintenance

This unique software is free and gives easy remote TV management and maintenance. It permits to preconfigure TV settings and upgrade TVs on a PC from a remote location without disturbing your guests.



Enjoy your own media, on the big screen

Miracast and DirectShare allow your guests to play their own media from any smart mobile device on the TV, ensuring optimum guest entertainment.



Offer your guests exclusive content, increase your revenue

With the MyChoice solution, you can sell premium TV Packages to your guests and generate extra revenues while you are at it! MyChoice is the simplest solution to monetize your TVs.



Give your guests a wealth of Apps to use during their stay

SmartTV allows you to configure dedicated hospitality apps online per hotel or per room. Add, delete and arrange Apps at your will and get automatic kick backs by earning extra revenue.


Serial Xpress

Carry out set top box connectivity with ease

Serial Xpress is typically used as a communication protocol over a physical connection between the TV and set top box. SXP easy uses the same protocol and it’s optimized for healthcare facilities.



Easy Reception of your channels

All our connected TVs support TV channels over internet infrastructure. You can even use cable & internet channels at the same time. You can run your IPTV channels with no set top box required.



Save costs, reduce clutter: It’s all inside

The IP system is already built into the TV: giving your guests a complete experience. The system work with both RF and IP channels and can encrypt premium content via V-secure.



Create an In-Room Experience with an At-Home Feel

Control content effectively with Samsung LYNK SINC for Samsung SMART Hospitality TVs. It enables remote management of a hospitality property’s TV network from one central location, so hotel property managers or technicians can easily provide popular applications and premium content individualized to guests’ needs and expectations.

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