Digital Signage

Gives the hotel or hospital a unique opportunity to communicate and promote their services and offers to their guests, such as spa, restaurant or other advertising space that partners can buy. Digital Sigange can be done in many ways and fit into any infrastructure, whether it’s a local server or cloud solution.


Digital Signage examples

Digital Signage features


Connect Control your content via the cloud

Connect Control your content via the cloud with integrated HTML5 browser.


Your free and perfect simple content management solution

Free and easy-to-use content management software that works exclusively with Philips digital signage displays.


Playback what you want, when you want

Create your playlist and schedule your content via the on screen menu, and enjoy your own created playlists.


All-in one digital signage solution

Turn your display into an all-in-one digital signage solution and create a display network which is connected, intelligent and secure.


Reduce your total cost of ownership up to 50%

All our professional displays offer SmartPower functionality which enables you to save costs and reduce your carbon footprint.


Connect Control your network from a single location

Connect and control with your entire display network from a central admin computer.

Conference Guide

Conference guide can be used as a ”roadmap” in the reception. It shows which conference rooms that are booked, by witch company and for how long, outside each conference room. Our solution is integrated with the PMS/booking system and therefore minimizes errors and saves time and resources you do not to get the date from different systems. This solution can also be done with a local server or a hosted cloud solution.

Xinc Information System

The Xinc Information System is a powerful and flexible digital signage system which gives you complete control over when and where to display information. Whether you just want to play a sequence of videos on a single screen, or want to display combinations of images, videos and static and dynamic textual information on 100 screens, the Xinc system allows you to do it.

A Xinc Information System is a modular and flexible system that can be expanded as required. Data/information can be retrieved from the majority of sources, databases and from the internet.

A system consists of a central server and any number of clients that are connected to the server through a network or the internet. When data changes on the server, it only takes a few seconds before the clients get the information and their displays are updated

  • Hundreds of screens for each server
  • Easy to use editor for creating pages/slides – or we can do the hard work, based on your design
  • Day-to-day updates can be done using a browser
  • Unlimited number of pages/slides per slide show – unlimited number of slide shows


Showcase from a typical IT infrastructure for Digital Signage solution

An illustrated example of the use of Xinc Information System is the Danish conference and education center Pharmakon which has a system including 2 large screens and 12 small ones. The large screens display today’s activities and meetings. The small screens are placed in front of each meeting room and show user name and other information, for example messages for some of the participants.

There is a mouse and a keyboard by each screen. If the mouse is touched or a button pushed, the screen changes from showing information to showing an internet browser. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the screen returns to showing the information system.

If you add a touch-screen or other kind of input, the user/guest can navigate and browse for information and promotions.

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