A true Heart for Healthcare Solutions

The latest generation of Healthcare TVs goes far beyond best in class picture and sound quality. We offer unique features that including cloudbased applications, while focusing on convenience and total cost of ownership. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality standards and operational excellence.

The right message at the right time

Philips has for many years, focused on developing products for the Healthcare industry, with specific requirements for design and anti -bacterial materials thus guaranteeing minimal bacterial transmission.



Philips Healthcare TV is dedicated to provide healthcare-specific products and technologies.

We are always on the lookout to improve patient experience and adding value to healthcare environments.



Environmental awareness and sustainability have always been at the core of Healthcare TV

As a result, we have developed several initiatives geared towards positive impact in this field. Development of a green button, reduced energy usage, flame- retardant housing, and a growing range of ecological accreditations.



We create unique healthcare designs to blend into medical facilities.

We recognize that healthcare facilities can have unique space and design requirements. Thus, we strive to develop our products with the customer in mind. This means that softer corners and a choice for white TVs are key design elements.


Premium Content

Ospedale Versilia offers premium content via MyChoice

First and foremost, Ospedale Versilia invests in the health, wellbeing and comfort of their patients. Ospedale Versilia wanted to offer premium content on a pay-per-view basis. The smart access mechanism needed to be easy to implement, monitor and control.


Revenue & savings

Save on your total cost of ownership with dedicated healthcare solutions!

SmartInstall is a highly efficient remote management tool that can save significant amounts when installing and managing your TVs. Through MyChoice you can expect to earn additional revenue while providing enhanced value to patients.



Trust is key within the healthcare environment.

With a long history and proven leadership in healthcare and wellbeing. Philips Healthcare TV is the trusted brand for the healthcare market. We incorporate principles of safety, transparency, and high quality in all of our products.

Please contact us at +45 70 23 97 99 or info@hospitality-partner.com if you would like to know about our services.