Water is a scarce resource. Aguardio helps hotels save water and costs, while improving their sustainability

When a hotel guest chooses a hotel it should be more than just about price and location. Aguardio supports your green profile, it makes you stand out from the rest and helps contribute to the many benefits.

Brand benefits

Don’t just tell the world that you care about the environment – show it! Make it easy for your guests to save on water. Aguardio will give you an advantage in the industry as sustainability becomes more and more important for guests when choosing a hotel.

Operational benefits

Shorter showers improves operational costs on both water and heating – and this is our mission! The collected data helps you identify water leaks or any humidity issues before it becomes a problem.

Benefits for guests

By collecting and acting on valuable data enables you to provide a better experience for your hotel guests. Choose Aguardio.

Aguardio consist of two devices

Aguardio Sensor

Aguardio Sensor is installed on the ceiling in the shower cabin and communicates with the Wi-Fi. The Sensor registers and activates once a person enters the shower cabin and the water is turned on and off. All data from the Sensor is sent to a cloud from where you can collect information.

Size: 10 x 10 x 2.8 cm.

Aguardio Display

The Display is installed at eye level within the shower cabin. It automatically communicates with the Sensor. With the different images and text visible, the Display provides valuable data about the shower behaviour. The Display encourages the user to turn off the water and spend less time during use.

Size: 8.6 x 8.6 x 2.6 cm.

Results with the Aguardio solution

By measuring humidity and temperature it is easy for hotels to know if some rooms need any optimisation.

Our survey shows that in rooms with the Aguardio Display installed the average shower time is reduced by 15%.

In 80% of all showers, the water is not turned off while soaping. With this knowledge we are able to guide guests to turn off the water during showers.

With Aguardio installed we know at what time the demand for water is high. This helps hotels to optimise the energy installation and save energy.

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