News from ISE 19

Philips Builds Chromecast Into new Mediasuite for Hospitality range. With our Tv systems, streaming becomes seemles for guests.

Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS) has launched the MediaSuite range of monitors with built-in Chromecast as well as full access to the Google Play Store. Each of the new models features the Philips Professional Display Solutions Android-based OS, with extended lifetime to ensure the TVs maintain the latest security enhancements and remain up-to-date for much longer.

Built-in Chromecast functionality offer guests a connection between MediaSuite TVs and any compatible device, with no login or app download required. Allowing full access to the content on their own device, cast onto their hotel room TV, plus access to Google Play Store — with thousands of compatible apps, including major services such as YouTube, Deezer and Spotify, plus local news, weather and traffic information etc.

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